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Take pride in your wooden floors!

A wooden floor is a great asset to a commercial building: in terms of practicality, ease of maintenance and providing that tangible touch of class.


Despite modern building materials, the durability and natural beauty of wood is still unrivalled.All commercial wooden floors when sanded and sealed have theiir life guaranteed for many years to come only because of the the process of wood flooring sanding.Wooden floors are a timeless feature that represents part of our national heritage.In retail premises, few experiences are more impressive than the first view of a finely-polished wooden floor.They add prestige to offices and public buildings, welcoming staff and visitors into a reassuring environment that exudes quality.


Wooden floors are hygienic - there's nowhere for bugs to hide - and easy to keep clean.They satisfy the health and safety needs of both workers and customers.


And they represent a fine investment that repays looking after and invariably adds value to a property.


So if your floors are the worse for wear, there's no need to allow them to stay as a shaCommercial floor sanding in London for museums, galleries shops schools and others in progress brings the out the beauty in all types of wooden floors such as parquet, floorboards and hardwoods...bby remnant of their former glory.Nor do they have to hide their potential under carpets.Modern commercial floor sanding and sealing is the answer: a simple process that can restore your floors to their original beauty.


Call on the professionals.Commercial Floor Sanding Experts offers the complete wooden floor renovation service throughout Greater London and the Home Counties.


Allow us to transform your old, worn and tired wooden floors into beautiful, stunning features that you'll be proud to display.



For smart new floors - call us on today!


We have restored wooden floors in many commercial and non-domestic premises:

Retail outlets


Single-unit retail outlets


Multi-floor department stores




Shopping malls

Affordable Floor Sanding Services in The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts

Community facilities


Community centres


Village halls


In The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts We Have The Latest Technology

School buildings







In The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts Our Employees are Friendly & Tidy Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts

Gyms and sports centres


Suspended floors in sports centres and gyms


Sprung aerobics & dance studio flooring


Leisure centres


Indoor racquet-sport courts

Food and drink outlets




Restaurants, cafes and snack shops


Nightclubs, pubs and bars


Public buildings




Restaurants, cafes and snack shops


Nightclubs, pubs and bars


Call us today for a fresh wooden floor to enhance your premises.

What is commercial floor sanding and sealing?

This three step process can be performed on all kinds of floors: solid wood, whether hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or Douglas fir); parquet blocks; mosaic and even cork


- sanding involves stripping off the old layer of sealant (lacquer or varnish) back to smooth bare wood. Commercial floor sanding in progress using the latest Bona machines assisted with best vacuum system available.


The standard sanding process consists of three stages: a rough, medium and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards to leave a high quality finish.


Don't worry if the floor has traces of old 'Victorian' coatings such as black wax.Our thorough sanding systems will remove these completely.


-the floor can then be given a natural stain to enhance its original grain or coloured to fit in with the decor of your premises.


- the final stage is to seal the new floor to protect the surface and give a long lasting, hard-wearing finish - one that will provide years of service.

In The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts We Have The Best Floor Restoration Professionals

For commercial floor sanding- call us today!

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Restoring commercial wooden floors to create that distinctive Scandinavian look, along with a feeling of cleanliness and simplicity has become all the rage.It makes sense, especially in these days of environmental awareness and higher standards of hygiene to throw out dusty and mite-infested old carpets and bring in the fresh new look that can be achieved by sanding of your existing commercial wooden floor.


If yourbusiness is locatedin the capital, using eco friendly products from companies such as Bona, Junckers, Osmo and Blanchon, any one of the highest quality commercialfloor sanding companies will undertake to completely transform your business premises flooring appearance.They will either lime wash or stain your wooden flooring to match your colour preference or carry out finishing with high wearing clear lacquer.


A good commercial floor sanding and finishing company will offer you to visit yourbusiness premisesto discuss your requirements regarding the restoration of your valuable wooden floor.They will make you aware of all the options available and ensure that you understand the drawbacks and merits of each possible solution.You will be offered a choice of finishing materials and styles, with samples for you to examine and take a good look at.Advice will be offered and you should be presented with the facts in an unbiased way. It is yourbusiness placeand you will have to live with the result for many years to come, so it is worth taking some time to consider all options before you proceed further.


If you choose to go for existingcommercial floor sanding or restoration, there is a wide choice of skilled and reputable floor sanding companies in the South East of UKthat specialise in high quality dust free refinishing work. Obviously without a doubt we are the perfect example for such a high class floor renovation company.

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Steve Philips The Commercial Floor Sanding Experts Testimonial Phil Radcliffe The Commercial Floor Sanding Testimonial Cindy Philips The Commercial Floor Sanding Testimonial

“The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in between the floorboards, but the colour throughout wasn’t constant. As we can’t afford to have carpets because our small children keep spilling their food and drink, we decided to remove our carpet and have wooden flooring instead. That’s when we decided to contact you because you were personally recommended by my step-parents. To say that I am impressed with the work is an understatement. I am amazed at the quality of the work which you have done for us. Now, our floorboards look fantastic, especially as the same colour is apparent throughout, they're 'spill-proof' and even the introduction of a new puppy into the family hasn't dulled their shine! Thanks for a great job!.”

“As I had hired companies before that specialised in renovating wooden floors, I was always disappointed with the end result because further work had to be completed in order to correct their mistakes. I’ve always wanted a wooden floor which wouldn’t look out of place if it appeared in a home design catalogue. When I explained to Andrew and his colleagues about what my expectations were, they reassured me that they could do this work. Although I was apprehensive, I was impressed about their product knowledge and their professional approach, and they seemed to be very experienced. When they had finished their work, I shouldn’t have worried because I was amazed at what they had done. My dream wooden floor was now a reality. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Although my family and I wanted to move into a new build, we were amazed and eventually wowed over by a property that dates from the 1920s. So we bought it! However, as with old buildings, we inherited many structural problems which we hadn’t thought about when we signed the mortgage contract, such as sub-standard floors that had succumbed to years of dry rot. That’s when Andrew and his team came to help us. We explained that the whole of our downstairs floor needed to be replaced. We were given a very reasonable quote and, when we agreed about when the work would commence, we headed off to a friend’s house until the work was completed. After a very short time we got the call that our house was ready – amazing how quickly Andrew and the team managed to get everything done! When we returned home, the floors looked brand new and exceeded our expectations. I’ll certainly be recommending you to our family and work colleagues!”

Steve Philips

Phil Radcliffe

Cindy Philips


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