Wooden Floor Maintenance

One of the main benefits of a wooden floor lies in its ease of maintenance. A lacquered floor needs no more everyday care than to sweep and/or vacuum to remove dirt and grit. Commercial wooden floor maintenance in progress.

Revolving vacuum cleaner brushes, and excess moisture, should, however, be avoided. Minor marks can be removed with a damp mop and a wooden floor cleaner. The finish can be maintained with, where appropriate, specialist products.
In the long term, regular cleaning will no longer restore the original lustre of the floor. It’s then time for a new coating of lacquer, after lightly sanding down the original surface.

Waxed wooden floors can be treated in a similar fashion: sweep , vacuum and/or mop them on a regular basis, and buff to maintain their shine. Wax, or a combination wa


x and liquid cleaner, may need a once or twice yearly application. Apply the wax across the whole floor surface, leave for twenty minutes to dry - and buff to the finish you want.




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